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Bell 22-1-39063-8 Universal Power Radar Detector

221390638 Universal Power Radar Detector


Package Quantity: 1

The 22-1-39063-8 Universal brought to you by Bell is the right product for your car. I think you will like that the item offers includes 3 coaxial plugs and 12 volt 5 ampere fused plug. Other features include things like fits most radar detectors. The radar detector weighs just about 0.23 lbs. Brand new 22-1-39063-8 Universal , visit the hyperlink below.

Bell's Universal Power Radar Detector kit includes versatile cable adaptors to power your radar detector. Fits most 12 Volt radar detectors. Includes 3 coaxial plugs plus a 12 Volt, 5 ampere fused plug.


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