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Escort 79-000041-01 Direct Wire Smart Cord (red)

7900004101 Direct Wire Smart Cord


Package Quantity: 1

Turn into a silent road ninja with the 79-000041-01 Direct. Part Number Direct Wire SmartCord. There's no doubt that you will like that the item offers this feature of in-dash power cord for radar and laser detectors. The dector is 3" Height x 8.5" Length x 5" Width and weighs close to 1 lbs. New 79-000041-01 Direct, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

The Direct Wire Smart Cord provides a a lot a lot more discrete and more permanent mounting option for your Escort radar detector. It includes a built-in alert lamp, pilot light and convenient mute button. Ideal for matching your blue light or red light Escort 8500 X50 radar detector.


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