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Cobra Electronics 420-030-N-001

Electronics 420-030-N-0014 Star Rating
Electronics 420030N001
The Electronics 420030N001 Made By Cobra

Everyone knows how terrific and hassle-free it is actually shopping on the web. The Electronics 420-030-N-001 is an awesome solution for your vehicle. 0028377310102 is the EAN barcode or the International Article Number for this product. We would like you to get the best price and service when choosing a dector, please visit the shopping cart link on this site.

What if my Electronics 420-030-N-001 breaks? cobra majority escort radar detectors round

Price: $4.49

These fit the majority of Cobra and Escort radar detectors with the round plug. Fits the majority of Cobra Radar Detectors including: ESD-7000, ESD-7570, PRO7080, XRS-930, XRS-940, XRS-950, XRS-970, XRS-9300, XRS-9330, XRS-9340, XRS-9345, XRS-9370, XRS-9400, XRS-9430, XRS-9440, XRS-9445, XRS-9470, XRS-9500, XRS-9530, XRS-9540, XRS-9545, XRS-9570, XRS-9600, XRS-9630, XRS-9640, XRS-9645, XRS-9670, XRS-9700, XRS-9730, XRS-9740, XRS-9745, XRS-9770, XRS-9830, XRS-9840, XRS-9845, XRS-9930, XRS-9940, XRS-9945, XRS-9950, XRS-9955, XRS9960G, PRO-9780 This may be a right angle plug manufactured by Cobra.

  • Count: 1
  • Package: Height: 1.3" Length: 5" Width: 3.1"
  • Package Weight: 0.49 lbs.

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