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Cobra Esd 7000 6-BAND Esd Radar/laser Detector

Esd 7000 6BAND Esd Radarlaser Detector


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Shopping online is a snap and convenient, that is why a lot more people opt to buy online as opposed to go to the shopping mall. Evade law enforcement by using the this Cobra Esd 7000 6-BAND Esd Radar/laser Detector. The Esd 7000 6-BAND Esd Radar/laser Detector is definitely an example of top quality radar detector you can find on the net. For everybody who is looking to acquire this item, you have come to the ideal place. We provide you unique promotions with this fantastic radar detector with safe purchase. I'm sure you will love that the dector comes with this feature of 6-band radar/laser detector for city or highway use. It's dimensions are 10.5" Height x 8" Length x 2.75" Width. It weighs approximately 0.94 lbs, click on the link below.

Amazon. Meanwhile, drivers who need to steer clear of site visitors snarls brought on by accidents or roadwork will appreciate the Safety Alert function, which scans for emergency vehicles outfitted with Safety Alert transmitters. The six-band device monitors radar from the X, K, and Ka Superwide bands, while also generating use of its 360-degree Laser Eye to perceive laser signals from any path. Should a radar or laser gun be pointed in your direction, the ESD-7000 will alert you immediately, letting you rest easy while cruising through speed traps. com Product Description Protect yourself from prying radar and intrusive laser detection using the Cobra ESD-7000 radar detector. In addition, the ESD-7000 is immune to both VG2 and Spectre 1 technologies, making it invisible to officers scanning for radar detectors on the freeway--a common tactic in certain states.

VG-2 Alert Provides immunity to VG-2 detection. Your detector does not emit signals that could be detected by VG-2, but does detect VG-2 signals and will alert you when a device is in use near your car. VG-2 is really a"detector detector"that works by detecting low-level signals emitted by most radar detectors.


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