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Cobra Hard Wire Kit For Cobra Radar Detectors

Hard Wire Kit For Radar Detectors4 Star Rating
Hard Wire Kit For Radar Detectors
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Buying dectors for the automobile? The Hard Wire Kit For Radar Detectors by Cobra is a brilliant radar detector. I actually loved that it has 14-band detection--detects 7 radar, 6 laser and 1 safety signal. Other features consist of one-year limited warranty. To make certain that your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll provide you some ideas prior to buying this radar detector. To ensure you may not be dissatisfied after buying it as well as in accordance with the product you desire. You will also discover price comparisons from retailers I found, to ensure you get the very best value at present for this excellent dector. Shop for the hard wire kit.

If you have a dollar you can get the Hard Wire Kit For Radar Detectors. cobra hard wire radar detectors cord

Price: $7.95
Brand: Cobra
UPC: 837654542132

This 10-foot cord provides a permanent power provide for your detector. It consists of an integral fuse holder Hard Wire Kit for Cobra ESD7000, PRO7080, XRS-9300, XRS-9330, XRS-9340, XRS-9345, XRS-9400, XRS-9430, XRS-9440, XRS-9445, XRS-9500, XRS-9530, XRS-9540, XRS-9545, XRS-9600, XRS-9630, XRS-9640, XRS-9645, XRS-9700, XRS-9730, XRS-9740, XRS-9745, XRS-9830, XRS-9840, XRS-9845, XRS-9930, XRS-9940, XRS-9945, XRS-9950, XRS-9955, XRS-9965, XRS9960G, XRS-9970G, PRO-9780 and all other present models. The bare wires on the finish with the cable can be connected for the fuse box or perhaps directly towards the battery.

  • Laser Eye provides 360-degree detection of laser signals
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Provides complete immunity to VG-2 and alerts for Spectre I/IV radar detector-detectors
  • Ultra Bright data display provides easy recognition of band detected by use of band identification icons
  • 14-Band detection--detects 7 radar, 6 laser and 1 safety signal
  • Count: 1
  • Package: Height: 0.9" Length: 6" Width: 2.8"
  • Package Weight: 0.1 lbs.

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