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Cobra IRAD200 I Radar Smart Detection For I Phone And Android Devices

IRAD200 I Radar Smart Detection For I


Package Quantity: 1

Frequently you will get more affordable prices by buying over the internet than you will in actual shops. The IRAD200 I Radar Smart is a good Iphone accessory for the automobile. I in fact loved that the Iphone accessory has the feature of automatically provides accurate electronic speed and direction headings. It's dimensions are 1.15"H x 4.22"L x 2.92"W and it has a weight of 0.3 lbs. Great deal on IRAD200 I Radar Smart.

The Cobra i RADAR 200 community-based detection strategy is really a high performance detector that detects all radar and laser guns currently in use. The Cobra i Radar App displays visual alerts from the detector on i Phone or Android smartphones. The App shares alerts and places in real-time with the Cobra i Radar Community. It alerts to speed and red light cameras, identified speed traps and dangerous intersections. It works with i Phone and Android smartphones, provides 360 degrees protection, and reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode.


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