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Whistler RLC-360 PRO-3600 Laser-radar Detector Gps Kit Module Accessory

RLC360 PRO3600 Laserradar Detector


Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

If you go shopping on line, it truly is much easier to get better offers on a variety of products. You can forget speeding violations with this black, RLC-360 PRO-3600 Laser-radar in Black! Product# RLC-360. The radar detector comes in black. I actually loved that the product had compass with directional north, south, east west voice prompts. It's dimensions are 1.9"H x 5"L x 2.8"W. It weighs something like 0.3 lbs. Shopping for black RLC360 PRO3600 Laserradar Detector.


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