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The Radar Detector is a wonderful dector. I certainly loved that it has x, k, ka, and super wideband ka detection. Other highlights include things like directional indicator and rear radar antenna. It's dimensions are 4" Height x 6" Length x 2.5" Width and weighs only 0.66 lbs. Getting a Radar Detector. If you need a great deal on this dector, visit our affilate link on this page.

The Valentine One is among the highest performing radar detectors on the market place. As well since the super high-performance of Valentine's detector, this model will never grow to be obsolete. In the Valentine One, there is 1 forward antenna and 1 rear-facing antenna. If you decide on a Valentine One, you'll be in good hands utilizing the precise same detector for the rest of your life. One purpose for this is multiple radar antennas! Even when this sounds too very good to turn into true, there's a lot more. The Valentine One has excellent laser reception, consistently appearing in the best of tests in this category. It will also tell you what path the signal is coming from, and provide the best rear detection out of every other windshield-mounted detector on the industry. The very first Valentine detectors from 1992 appear identical to the ones today, and could possibly be sent in to Valentine to be updated with the newest hardware and software (charges may apply ). Using this combination of antennas, it effectively tells you the band and strength of the radar signal, in addition to the amount of"bogeys,"or radar units becoming detected. The only other detector with two radar antennas could possibly be the Bel STi Driver, but in the STi both antennas face forward.


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