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Whistler XTR-445 Laser/radar Detector Battery Operated With Built-in Battery Charger With Oled Red Text Display

XTR445 Laserradar Detector Battery

Whistler Radar

Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

The XTR-445 Laser/radar makes a great product for your car. I'm sure you will love that the dector offers this feature, provides 360-degree alerts for selectable radar and laser signals, pop mode alerts, and safety warning system alerts. Other highlights include things like one-year warranty. The radar detector dimensions are 1.45"H x 4.9"L x 3.15"W. It weighs close to 0.93 lbs. The color of these dectors is black, add to cart by clicking on the link below.

Whistler's XTR-445 laser/radar detector provides you full band protection from radar signals, 360-degree laser detection, Whistler's patented VG-2 cloaking technology, and plenty a lot more. The brilliant blue text display, in addition to tone alerts and Whistler's unique alert periscopes, mean you'll never miss an alert. Competitive capabilities and competitive pricing.


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